Comoros Islands

The Comoros Islands are situated off the coast of Madagascar. This region is renowned for growing some of the finest vanilla in the world. Its rich aroma and woody profile makes it the choice for a number of top chefs.

Taylor & Colledge has been working with the growers in this region for over 15 years. In partnership with the Fairtrade organisation we have assisted the growers to form their own self-managed grower cooperative and to ensure growers receive far market prices for their cured beans. The program also provides employment for the woman of the region.

Because of our long standing relationship with the growers, Taylor & Colledge receives only the finest grade of vanilla. This vanilla is celebrated in our Fairtrade Organic Vanilla Bean Extract.

So when you buy this vanilla you are not only receiving a rich fully aromatic vanilla but you are also supporting the Vanilla growers of the Comoros Islands.

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